Developing peer-to-peer marketplaces that drive connections

Applying our thorough, tested process to ensure your marketplace offers a rewarding experience to both buyers and sellers.
Digital marketplaces are built on trust. To launch successful ones, we immerse ourselves in target markets, understand users, and craft well-built solutions with custom flows that support the business model and make buyers and sellers feel confident in the experience.

How we uncover solutions for peer to peer marketplace software

  • Validating your market

    Through analysis of existing options and your target market, we work with you to conduct surveys and validation activities. These help ensure a strong position — whether that means being competitive or entering a whitespace — and prepare us to pivot when necessary to a stronger solution.
    • User validation sessions
    • Survey analysis
    • Business models
  • Understanding the needs of buyers and sellers

    A marketplace is more than just items and a sale price. We build on our initial validation to develop a solution that addresses the complexities of the user experience with key elements that will resonate with both sides of your target market — combining feature sets, branding, and more to craft a marketplace they return to again and again.
    • Value Proposition Testing
    • Feature definition and roadmaps
    • User flows
    • UI design
  • Best-in-class ecommerce foundations

    The final piece that brings a marketplace together is the actual transaction. By utilizing robust ecommerce technologies, we ensure our marketplaces flexibly adapt to the payment needs of the users.
    • Payment integrations with Stripe and more
    • Chatbots and chat based commerce
    • Robust reporting and report automation

A selection of our marketplace solutions

  • Projektor


    Empowering filmmakers to create their own opportunities and connect directly with their audience.
  • Ritual


    Connecting talented music producers with content creators in a mobile-ready marketplace.
  • Vindaq


    Validating, designing, and building a global wine marketplace for private collectors and wineries.

We’re ready to make a plan that works for your organization.

Every business is different and every marketplace project will have its own considerations. Let’s start a conversation to determine the requirements and timelines that will make your peer-to-peer project a success.