Unveiling the connected car.

  • Product Validation
  • Implementation Planning
  • Prototyping + Design
  • Full Stack Development
  • Platform/Ecosystem
Accelerating the connected car market with a user-centric mindset that impacted an ecommerce website, suite of apps, and product strategy.

Can We Move Fast Enough?

Plug one device into your car’s diagnostic port and you’ll know more about it than ever before: that’s Mojio. It’s the connected car, and the product lets your car integrate with digital services. This is a new industry and a new term to most people, so these connected car devices are solving problems that they likely haven’t even considered yet. Mojio didn’t just have to create a great product, they had to educate their audience on the benefits of the product. And with new competitors entering the space every week, they had to do it quickly. Otherwise, Mojio’s revolution would stall.

Mojio didn’t just have to create a great product, they had to educate their audience on the benefits of the product.

Hitting The Road

Everything starts with users. Interviews with existing customers and beta testers helped us understand how people viewed connected cars and emerging Internet of Things technologies. More than anything, Mojio customers had fallen in love with the endless possibilities of the connected car. Using these insights, and a mountain of analytics and data, we prioritized product features within a suite of apps and found new ways to articulate the benefits.

The Journey Continues

Our research led to a homepage focused on driving conversions through education, and painting the picture of life with Mojio. Strong calls to action drive customers to an optimized purchasing experience powered by WooCommerce; armed with the knowledge to make an informed decision. When these updates were launched, unique purchases shot up 64% and drove a 57% increase in revenue.

After purchasing the device, you’re introduced to the Mojio family of apps. Crafted by the Invoke design team with a distinct visual language, the apps are designed with the flexibility to evolve alongside Mojio’s hardware as part of a cohesive product suite. Apps include Gauge — which diagnoses car trouble — and Cloak — which enables live GPS tracking of your car’s location. The extended app ecosystem of Mojio is built around Drive: an app store featuring products by external developers that utilize Mojio’s open API. This gives developers around the world endless potential to further augment the connected car experience.

Through their work, Invoke has played a key role in helping us increase our sales three fold since we started working together.
Darren RobertsVP Marketing

Raised a 19M Series A Funding Round

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